N I K K I   F O X

Journalist, Broadcaster, Documentary Maker, Music Graduate

Nikki Fox won a Sony Award for her first ever documentary for BBC Radio 5 Live. She didn’t win anything for ‘How to Look Good Naked’, but got some great advice on how not to dress for TV...

Having won a place on the prestigious Channel 4 production trainee scheme, Nikki worked on "HOW TO LOOK GOOD NAKED" as a researcher.  She was subsequently asked to take part in the Channel 4 series "THE SHOOTING PARTY" which followed her writing and directing her first short film about all the great things that come with being disabled.

Nikki was then asked to join Gok Wan as a reporter on "HOW TO LOOK GOOD NAKED WITH A DIFFERENCE".  Continuing her work as an assistant producer at Maverick Television and ITV, she was then asked to produce the short film,"NANCY, SID AND SERGIO"

Nikki has researched and presented a SONY RADIO ACADEMY AWARD winning documentary for BBC RADIO 5 LIVE.  In "BEYOND DISABILITY: THE ADVENTURES OF A BLUE BADGER" she set out to discover what it's really like to be disabled in the UK in 2012 and whether her positive outlook on life is shared by others.  With interviews from David Blunkett, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, Cerrie Burnell and Frank Gardner to name a few, you can listen to The Adventures of a Blue Badger here - PART 1 / PART 2.  Also winner in the "2012 NEW YORK FESTIVALS RADIO PROGRAM & PROMOTION AWARDS"

"DISABLED AND DESPERATE TO WORK", Nikki's second documentary for BBC RADIO 5 LIVE went out on Thursday 11th July 2013.  You can read what Miranda Sawyer thought on the press page.  She then went on to investigate what it's like to be physically disabled and in prison, in "DISABLED AND BEHIND BARS" for BBC RADIO 4.

Nikki was appointed the BBC's Disability Affairs Correspondent in June 2014.  So far she has made films on Exoskeletons (the technology that's enabling some disabled people to walk again), the assisted dying bill, the closure of the independent living fund, accessible accomodation, the changes to special educational needs (SEN) and most recently, the Invictus Games.

She has also made short films for THE ONE SHOW (BBC1)RIP OFF BRITAIN: HOLIDAYS (BBC1) and has been a regular guest on The Moan-In, a feature on the Richard Bacon show for BBC Radio 5 Live.


For all media enquiries, please contact either Sara or Vicki at Take3Management on 020 7209 3777 

Disabled & Desperate to Work Part 1

Disabled & Desperate to Work Part 2


Beyond Disability: The Adventures of a Blue Badger Part 1

Beyond Disability: The Adventures of a Blue Badger Part 2

This was the first documentary I ever made. I presented and researched it, managed to get my friends on it and it only won a Sony Radio Academy Award. Thank you disability.